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Leslie DeChaunac

Leslie DeChaunac
Phone: 1-918-816-6262
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S&H RUGS GALLERY, Inc. has expanded to better serve clients in the VA./MD. area. We are pleased to introduce esteemed colleague and business partner Leslie DeChaunac as head of our Richmond, VA. office.

Leslie is the consummate professional and brings with her a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for oriental rugs.

Born in northern California, Leslie was captivated early in life by the intricacies of Persian art. She studied extensively knotting techniques, symbology, and the complex use of natural dyes in antique Persian and Caucasian weavings. She met her husband Thierry in Alexandria, VA. (A city reknowned for it's antique shops in historic "Old Town Alexandria") and, in 1994, began exhibiting collections of rugs at antique shows in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area. This business evolved into a full time venture with exhibitions up and down the East coast for promoters such as Pappabello Shows, Kramer&Associates, Jackie Sideli, and Flamingo Promotions. Due to their professional displays and magnificent inventory, Leslie & Thierry were in demand - scheduling between 35-40 shows a year.

Leslie gained a reputation as a lively instructor to those "new" to the subject of oriental rugs in workshops aptly named "RUG SCHOOL 101". Her wonderful communication skills and passion for teaching made her highly sought after as a lecturer on the Antique Show circuit.

After several years of exhibiting, Leslie and Thierry retired as dealers and moved to the Midwest. But her love for Virginia and a desire to continue working in the field she truly enjoys resulted in a final relocation back East. She currently lives in Richmond, VA. and continues her work as S&H RUGS GALLERY consultant and liaison to interior decorators.