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Interior Designers

We have been fortunate enough to work with a number of talented interior designers. Here are just a few and what they've said about our service. Please feel free to contact them.

Linda Heinzelman Interiors
5 Clifford Lane
Westport, CT 06880
Phone: (203) 221-7309
Fax: (203) 221-0850
E-Mail: [email protected]

Linda is an accomplished designer featured in W Magazine, Westport Magazine, Home and Garden Magazine, WRG Homes to name a few. She is a contributor to both local and national publications.
Lynn Interiors
334 Pelhamdale Ave.
Pelham, NY 10803

Lynn was formally with Sotheby's before attending Parsons The New School for Design where she received Certification for Interior Design. She is well skilled at renovation and restoration. She works primarily with historic homes in the exclusive NY City suburb of Pelham, N.Y.

"Clients love seeing the rugs on site and I know the price is always fair."

Click on any of her photos to see them enlarged.

Peter Wooding / JoAnn Wooding FIDSA, ASID  
Wooding Design, Ltd.

369 Ives Street
Providence, R.I. 02906

Peter and JoAnn are a widely known and highly regarded professional design team servicing the Rhode Island / Eastern MA. area.

"Your service of bringing a number of rugs to the client site is major. Your selection is fantastic. Excellent customer service."

Eve Ardia
Saddle River Interiors

67 E. Allendale Rd.
Saddle River, NJ 07458

Eve is a highly respected decorator servicing the elite Northern New Jersey/New York City area. Her client list includes those from a WHO'S WHO list of famous people.

"Your product is beautiful, well priced, and you are able to understand the design concept of the room. Because of this, the rugs you bring always pull the room together. You work from a designer's eye and that is one of your greatest talents. Service is impeccable. And, you have a wonderful way of working with the client."

Patti Lynch, Inc.
20 Old Hill Rd.
Westport, CT.  06880

Patti is a master of color and design. She has an impressive list of clients in the exclusive community of Westport, CT. and also Naples, Florida where she maintains a second residence.
Deborah Savage Interior Design
44 Walton Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Deb has served as interior designer to upscale/elite clientele in picturesque Saratoga Springs, NY famous for thoroughbred horse racing in the Fall every year. She has participated regularly in Interior Design/Home Building competitions there.
"You have the best selection of useable rugs I have ever worked with (Useable meaning....I can go into ABC Carpets in NY city or any other large carpet center and see hundreds, even thousands of carpets. But, after you have spent hours going through stack after stack, you still have found nothing. I know that when I send you the required info for the client's space, you will bring with you the correct number of rugs to choose from, the right sizes, the right color combinations. Never fails. The quality of your rugs is unquestionable. The quality is there and your knowledge is there. I never have to worry about questions because you have the answers. I have worked with you a number of years and you have never let me down. When we have an appointment you are there - with the right product. I trust you, and therefore, my client trusts you! Your service is impeccable."

Shop At Home

Lighting is Key

All professional decorators know that lighting is a key component to how an oriental rug transforms a room with its beauty. Because of this, it is essential to view rugs in the actual setting for which they are intended... with the actual lighting present. When you place the right rug in a room...magic happens!

Lighting is the key element. The reality is that a rug that looks beautiful in the showroom can unfortunately be uninspiring when taken into the home....all because of lighting. Repeated trips from the store to the home can make rug selection a frustrating experience. Not to mention the physical difficulty in transporting and handling rugs. Room size rugs are HEAVY and difficult to unfold or unroll.

In Home Presentation

Years ago we recognized these factors and began providing "in home presentation" service for our professional interior decorators. This proved to be extremely successful for all. Clients LOVED seeing rugs in their homes. It removed all doubts and guesswork from the selection process and was educational for them at the same time. We love explaining everything there is to know about the technical side of rugs....where they are from...how they are made...materials used..knot count...wool quality...dyes used... Why does one rug cost more than another?... technical information that a decorator would not necessarily know. Any question a client had was answered on the spot.

This was wonderful for the decorators as well. A decorator's expertise is creating a room setting that is visually harmonious and inspiring through color, design, and texture. Knowing that we would answer all the technical questions a client might have was extremely reassuring. Knowing that we would handle the physical demands of transporting and displaying the rugs was a huge relief as well! This allows the decorator to concentrate on their area of expertise - why one rug is visually correct for the room setting being created.

Take a moment to browse through several testimonials from professional decorators that use our "in home" presentations and you will quickly see the benefits of the service we provide.

Feel free to contact any of these decorators to find out just how simple and helpful our professional service can be. "In home presentation" is the best way to shop for rugs.

"In home presentation" - How does it work?

Whether you are a professional decorator or a private client, the process is virtually the same.

Step One is consultation.

Our goal is to bring several great rugs for you to choose from for any single area...the best rugs from our extensive inventory....the best rugs that might actually work for your home. It would be time consuming to bring and consider rugs that were not even real possibilities. So, Step One is a consultation. What are the known specifications for the desired location?

  • minimum and maximum length and width for the room 
  • style preference (Example: Formal or Tribal)
  • color preference for or against
  • fabrics chosen or present in the room
  • paints chosen or present in the room
  • additional criteria (Example: New or Antique/Price range limits)

All of the data gained from consultation serves to reduce or eliminate vast quantities of inventory down to only the best choices possible for the room.

Typically, decorators or homeowners have selected fabrics for furniture and paint samples for new wall color. A simple "kit" can be made by drawing the room floorplan with dimensions on a piece of paper and attaching small fabric samples (1"x3") and paint samples to the page.

We are VERY good with color as all of our decorators will testify. We only bring rugs that will actally work with the colors already chosen. Mail us this "kit".

Step Two is setting an appointment.

A time needs to be scheduled in advance so that all parties involved can be present. If a husband and wife are making the decision together...then both must be present when we schedule to show the rugs "in home."

This is a big process involving a lot of effort so we want to do it right and we want to do it once. A date/time should be chosen that allows enough time to sufficiently consider all the choices we will be presenting as well as allow time to ask any and all questions about the rugs. There should be no feeling of rushing the decision. This is an important decision and if done correctly will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and happiness.

Our experience shows that it can take between two to four hours to adequately present six to eight room size rugs to a client. (Remember...they are HEAVY!) Also, it can take us two weeks to select the rugs we will be presenting from our extensive inventory. We have a multi-million dollar inventory of both new and antique rugs. It takes time to select the correct ones from the stacks of rugs in our warehouses. In fact, just to pull one 9x12 rug from one stack of rugs can take half a day or more!

We work very hard in preparing the selection specifically for you. So, when possible, allow two weeks time for us to make the choices. Appointments are scheduled evenings and on weekends to best fit the client's needs.